Online Print Documents - Manual

Online Print Documents - Manual

Online printing as an alternative to home printing for students

How does it work?

Our online printing system is very easy to navigate – either you go to and click on the link to online printing, or you can use this direct link: Next, you input a link to the file you need printing, or the file itself (1), and you specify your printing preferences – colour (2), size (3), single/double sided printing (4), or the number of pages on one sheet of paper (5). Also you can choose whether or not you want the document to be bound with a plastic spiral (6), and do not forget to tick that you are a student (7), so you can get an awesome discount. If you have any special requests, there is also space for a note.

When can I come get my documents?

We try our best to take care of all our online printing orders in a timely manner.That usually means we have them ready in the same day we got the order, or, worst-case scenario, the next working day. As soon as the order is completed, the customer gets a confirmation e-mail. If the order is urgent, or you want to make sure it will be ready for a specified time, you can put that in the note while ordering, in this case we try to take care of it as soon as possible.

Why is it convenient?

First of all, you save time – there is no need to bring the documents to our shop, use a USB memory stick, no need to wait in line to get to the computer, and wait for the printer to print. You just simply state your name and we give you your order, taken care of according to your wishes. The only thing left is to pay.

You can also place the orders at any time, not just during our opening hours.

What document formats is best to send?

We accept basically all of the formats – whether it is a text document, an Excel spreadsheet, presentations or pictures. HOWEVER, the ideal format of any document is PDF. You can find more detailed information on why .pdf is the best in our next article.

Why is it best to convert your documents to .pdf before printing?

A problem may occur if you create a text document in Word (MS Office), for example. The formatting in such a document is directly tied to the version of the program, that it has been created in. That means, that if you created a document in MS Office 2007 and transferred it to a computer that has a different version of the software, MS Office 2016, for example, the formatting may be ruined, so the text will shift, et cetera.

That is why it is ideal to use .pdf format, where this will never happen.

What does PDF mean?

PDF is an abbreviation of „Portable Document Format“ – obviously this means that a .pdf is a format created especially for transferring a document between devices – It will appear exactly the same, whether it is a PC, Mac, or even phone or tablet, whether you send it via e-mail or transfer on a USB memory stick.

How do I make a .pdf of my document?

It is fairly simple – when saving your document, choose „Save As“ and then choose the .pdf format. If you are using a different editor, or an older version of Office, that does not have this option, worry not. There are quite a lot online convertors, that can do this for you, for example:

Or you can download a software for this, free, of course, for example:

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